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Bella Muro Ceramic Tile Collection

Bella Muro Ceramic Tile

A beautiful wall of ceramic tile is the focal point of many fine residences. Hence the name of our new collection, Bella Muro Ceramic Tile.This collection of rectangular tiles offers countless opportunities for creative exploration. It has a wide range of colors, from earthy to vibrant, as well as matte and glossy finishes. It's perfect for a discerning homeowner or designer who wants to personalize their interior to their exact specifications.Made of ceramic, the tiles of the Bella Muro collection are durable, heat-resistant, and long-lasting. Due to their durability and beauty, ceramic tiles are a popular choice for wall coverings and floors. Moreover, they're non-porous and easy to clean, making them perfect for high-moisture areas like showers. 
Mallorca Ceramic Collection

Mallorca Ceramic

Our Mallorca Collection is an artistic ceramic interpretation of the beautiful “Lenguas Mallorquinas” style created by Spanish textile weavers and perfected by French artisans.This collection consists of six 8x8 tiles exquisitely hand-painted on our hand-molded bisques. It offers a wide range of decorative motifs, a cultural feast between East and West. It's perfect for those who love the beauty of classic decor and for those who like exploring the endless boundaries of opulent and exotic patterns.The Mallorca Collection is only suitable for walls. You must seal it due to the tiles' crackled finish. We do not recommend it for floors, pools or spas. It can be suitable for exterior use, subject to climate and method of installation.
Salaterra Ceramic Collection

Salaterra Ceramic

The Salaterra Ceramic Collection is a new capsule collection Erin Adams designed exclusively for Country Floors. Inspired to make “something that feels of the earth,” Ms. Adams created swirling organic patterns in tune with nature.At first glance, the glossy ceramic tiles create a soothing, abstract, marbleized effect similar to natural stone. But a closer look reveals that the bold ceramic hexagons and elongated rectangles have swirling shading and tinting. These patterns are the hallmarks of topography, which charts natural features such as landforms, water courses, and vegetation from above.This collection includes three unique patterns with their own color stories. Haku resembles a Japanese mountainscape, Sedona evokes a high desert in Arizona, and Saturn mimics the planet’s icy rings.The Salaterra Ceramic Collection is suitable for all interior vertical applications.
Scape Ceramic Collection

Scape Ceramic

Noted tile designer Erin Adams loves nature, art, and pushing the boundaries of what materials can achieve. With the Scape Ceramic Collection, a new capsule collection exclusively for Country Floors, she has created a contemporary wall tile that evokes nature in a uniquely painterly way.Ms. Adams' matte ceramic tiles awaken the senses, with washed watercolor glazes that create interpretive imagery. When gazing at these pieces of art, you may see a seascape, a landscape, clouds or rolling mist. Each interpretation is unique to the eye of the beholder.This collection has two colors: a cool, foggy grey called Storm or a fresh, saturated indigo called Mist. Within each tile, the tone ranges from pale to intense, with a matte finish that underscores the watercolor art theme.The Scape Ceramic Collection is suitable for all interior vertical applications.
Status Ceramic Collection

Status Ceramic

The Status Ceramic Collection is a ceramic assemblage featuring beautifully designed patterns in a wonderful palette of versatile colors. These glossy ceramic wall decos and field tiles are a perfect choice to create an artistic focal point in a chic space.At home in any interior wall application, this collection is a great fit for bath, kitchen and living room areas seeking character and charm. It features a large selection of uniquely shaped ceramic tiles, ranging from geometric hexagons to delicate tear field tiles. Moreover, it includes a wide variety of colors, from soft pastel to ebony black tiles. It allows for ultimate artistic license, with options to mix and match colors and shapes.The Status Ceramic Collection is suitable for vertical applications in residences and commercial properties, including wet areas. It's also applicable in light-traffic areas of residences.