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8 Dramatic Powder Room Tiles For Your Home

Posted On May 14, 2020

Powder room tiles may not sound interesting at first but when you read our article, you’ll change your mind about powder room design.

Often when redeveloping your home, it’s the main living areas that come first, followed by the bathroom and spare bedroom. If you are already working on a bathroom remodel or changing your bathroom vanity, what about your powder room?

powder room tiles

What is a Powder Room?

We borrow this interesting term from the 18th century where wigs and powders were part of everyday fashion. These small size toilets with only one sink and maybe a toilet was being used by ladies to powder their wigs. Especially in Northern America, the powder rooms do not have a shower or bathtub and mostly they are for guests.

The powder room – whether it’s a shared downstairs area or your own private sanctuary – presents plenty of opportunity when it comes to striking interior design. Most of the time, the powder room will be one of the first places that your guests will see. If you already impressed your visitors with your style and class, why don’t you impress them with this tiny little room?

Just because the powder room might not be the most frequented room in your home, it doesn’t mean it’s not an asset that you should bring up to scratch with the rest of your property. A fantastic way to add drama to your powder room is with striking tiles. That’s why our designers have put together a list of their favorite styles and how you can use them in your powder room.

Our favorite tiles for powder rooms

Whether you like a clean-cut neutrals or colorful geometric patterns, our selection offers something for every homeowner and designer. Check these powder room ideas before starting your project.

1.    Marina Chevron Tiles in Thassos White

Silver Shadow, Snow White Honed Monte Marble Mosaic

Size:12 3/8x12 3/8

Black, Glacier Honed York Marble Mosaic

Size:11 15/16x11 15/16

Thassos White, Calacatta Gold Honed Marina Chevron Marble Mosaic

Size:8x8 1/16

These tiles are a classic choice for those that love the minimal design. They work particularly well when set against natural wood, creating a hint of Scandinavian appeal. The Marina Chevron tile is incredibly versatile, too. These tiles are particularly well-suited to walls and can add a hint of prestige to your powder room vanity wall or as a floor-to-ceiling wall covering.

2.    Monte Marble Mosaics in Snow White

Our Monte Mosaics are a sublime choice for properties seeking coastal appeal. The sandy and clifftop-white hues will provide any powder room with a subtle but refreshing aesthetic. We recommend using these tiles for the floor with some matching detailing on the walls or above the toilet and vanity. Furnish your room with pale ceramics to complete the look.

3.    York Marble Mosaics in Black

Why is it that so many bathroom tiles feel undeniably feminine in design? Thankfully there’s a way to go against the grain: our York Marble Mosaics. These black and white tiles not only look striking but also have an air of masculinity about them. They’re the sort of tiles you’d expect to see in a high-end hotel in New York. These tiles work beautifully as a floor covering, especially when paired against white marble wainscoting with flecks of silver.

Add Another Dimension To Surfaces With Textured Tiles

4.    Herringbone Mosaics in Champagne

Glacier, Black, Snow White Multi Finish Cambridge Marble Mosaic

Size:12 7/8x12 7/8

Champagne Honed Large Herringbone Marble Mosaic

Size:12 7/8x8 9/16

Britannia Honed Autumn Leaf Limestone Mosaic

Size:11 13/16x13 9/16

One of the best ways to add drama to a small room, like a powder room, is with texture, and it doesn’t get much more textured than herringbone. These mosaic tiles will work well in a property with a neutral palette filled with sandy hues but provide just enough interest to give your powder room a luxurious finish. They work particularly well as a floor covering, but you could also create a herringbone pattern behind your vanity or around your doorway.

5.    Cambridge Marble Mosaics in Black and White

If you want your powder room to sit in harmony between masculine and feminine, our Cambridge mosaics are a classic choice. These marble tiles are of traditional design and work beautifully in a range of settings – you don’t have to follow a certain theme for them to fit in. You can use these tiles on your floor and walls. We recommend using them as a floor covering, paired with plain white marble tiles for your walls for a timeless finish.

6.    Autumn Leaf Limestone Mosaics

What many people forget when designing a bathroom or powder room is that, just a bedroom, this room is a retreat: it’s somewhere you, or your guests, should feel relaxed – somewhere you can take five minutes to freshen up in peace. Our Autumn Leaf mosaics help to make that a reality thanks to their indoor-outdoor appeal. These tiles boast sumptuous brown tones reminiscent of a woodland walk, which will leave you feeling like you can breathe again, regardless of the size of your powder room. We recommend using these tiles floor-to-ceiling for an all-encompassing powder room that works as a short-stay sanctuary.

The Timeless Chic of Black and White Checkered Tile

7.    Justinian Marble Waterjet Decos in Black and White

Bosphorus Palisandra Vein Cut Honed Marble Waterjet Decos

Size:13 7/16x 13 7/16

Justinian Dolomite, Nero Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Travel back in time with these classic waterjet decos that are reminiscent of a Greek palace. These are some of the most striking tiles in our collection and they won’t let you down when it comes to adding drama to your powder room. You can use these tiles as a floor covering and pair them against plain black or white wall tiles for an exuberant but not over-the-top finish.

8.    Bosphorus Marble Waterjet Decos

Set on creating a powder room with bundles of outdoor appeal? These waterjet decos will transport you to the mountains with their deep palette of browns, stone greys, and beiges, which represent the aging of the rock as it formed over millions of years. These tiles make an excellent wall covering and should be paired with a natural grey or brownstone floor.

Explore our full range of dramatic tiles here and transform your powder room.

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