Marble Systems introduces Vecchio Cemento Porcelain Tile is available in 3 Subtle organic shades; Cafe, a light Sante Fe tan mix with grey textures. Argento, an authentic concrete gray and Carbone, a darker richer charcoal tone. Each with imprints of textures, that adds to the natural sophistication of this collection. Suitable for residential and commercial, interior or exterior, vertical and horizontal applications. Each color is sized in 12 x 24 x 3/8 panels. Have the cool modern studio edge without the messy concrete pour. Porcelain tile may be described or imagined in many different ways. However, in general, the body is typically composed of kaolin clay feldspar and quartz. Although in recent years this composition has evolved. It is pressed into its shape and originally was left unglazed. In current times various glazes or pressings can then be added to the process. This shape is then fired at extremely high temperatures in a kiln which is essentially an oven. The result is a very dense of vitrified material with almost no water absorption.   Stonehill Porcelain Group

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