Marble Systems Introduces New Porcelain lines

To bring back a piece of history, porcelain was first developed in China around 2,000 years ago and slowly made its way to Europe and the rest of the world. So if you ever wondered why in some English- speaking countries, people refer to beautiful pottery as “china” now you got the answer.

Porcelain is very well know for it strength and versatility, used in the beginning for pottery and decorative treatments, porcelain has now also emerge in many other uses in technology and building industry.

Did you know that porcelain is an excellent insulator, especially for outdoor applications like high voltage cables and high frequency antennas?

Over the years porcelain became a very important part as building material, usually in the form of tile or large panels. Manufactures are founds across the world with Italy being the global leader. Several European palaces including at Galleria Sabauda in Turin, the Royal Palace of Madrid and covered entirely in porcelain.

Marble Systems just release three new porcelain collections with a clean contemporary design applicable for floor and wall in commercial or residential needs.

Metro Porcelain Collection

Features rectified finish in 4 tone varieties. Stocked and ready to go in Grey in 12″x 24″, Bone and Antrasit available in 24″x 48″. If you are looking for a more prominent format, our Lymra rectified in 24″x 24″ is a perfect option.







Loft Collection

For a modern chic design, the Loft Collection offers five in stock color options each with a beautiful lappato finish. This urban collection is suitable for wall or floor applications that can be placed in virtually any living quarters. This high quality porcelain collection is built to last in any high traffic area or luxurious residential spaces. This collection is available in most sizes and finishes through special order; please review brochure for details.






Carrara Select porcelain collection combines the beautiful veining known from our popular carrara marble with the well known durability of porcelain. Perfect for a kitchen or bath, this collection is hard working and low maintenance with an eye catching look. Available in a standard size of 12″x24″ with four in stock color options this porcelain set is a perfect choice for wall or floor applications. More sizes and finishes are available through special order; please review brochure for details.